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“Bob” - on the redesign

Introducing you “Bob” — the new layout for the Zooiblog — I left out a serious write-up. Well, here you have it!

The Look

I’ve tried to make this site feel like it’s really old. But it isn’t. So I went for a particular feeling, not just old. Recognize it? It’s Jamaica, 70s. Wicked Worn is an understatement. This is the “Smear-and-Smudge Weathered Worn Retro Look”. It’s heavily inspired by Bob Marley, Jamaica, dancehall and reggae. It’s aptly named “Bob”, after the great Robert Nesta Marley, but you’ve figured that out already. Right?

The Structure

I’ve completely restructured this blog, and WordPress can be blamed for that, be it partially.

I’ve added an about-page (’Simiya’, Jamaican), some wicked functions and a couple of funky new ideas. See for example the random quote in the sidebar. It’s somewhat powered by Amazon, meaning that it’s revenue-generating (hey, I want money, m’kay?).

The Credits

The credits (on plugins etc) will appear on the extra-page, but that may take a little while. Please be patient if you recognize any of your work.

That’s it. The hard launch, so to speak.


  1. I think the design is quite brilliant. You really have succeeded creating one of the things I find most important about a design: the atmosphere. It is exactly as I hoped it to be when I saw the first screenshots, and that’s saying a lot. I really like the layout of the list of links (Syndicate).

    And I love the little flag!

  2. Nice looking design Rob, I like it. Good attention to detail like the onfocus on this form, the visited links on the blogroll and the “wicked worn” Jamaican theme. Handy link from Cameron Moll too... not bad!

  3. im feelin your redesign....nice work man...

    maximum respect iyah..

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