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Welcome, Ava Marie Zeldman

I want to congratulate Jeffrey Zeldman and Carrie Bickner on the birth of their first daughter, Ava Marie Zeldman. I wish the three of them all the best. (Via) (Sorry for crappin’ around, feed reader people.)

“Bob” - on the redesign

Introducing you “Bob” — the new layout for the Zooiblog — I left out a serious write-up. Well, here you have it!

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Browser stats

Last week’s browser stats (mind you, last week):

Browser Requests %
Mozilla 5179 40.537%
MSIE 3913 30.628%
Googlebot 1789 14.003%
Safari 1034 8.093%
Netscape (compatible) 298 2.332%
msnbot 198 1.550%
Opera 133 1.041%
Camino 83 0.650%
[not listed: 20] 149 1.167%

Some people use browsers I can’t even use (Jina, you on Camino, right?). But seeing Mozilla at 40% says something about my audience. You have brains!