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Gekke shit!

Golvende gekkigheid
Hoe langer je kijkt, hoe minder erg het wordt.

(Via: Jon Hicks)


  1. That’s a pretty cool image. I thought it was animated at first.

  2. Hehe, me too. But after looking at it curiously (hey, it’s GIF!) I found out it was just me :P

    BTW, thanks for ploughing through this Dutch site and actually find something ;)

  3. Only a matter of clicking stuff I guess, and see what comes out =)
    About the image, it is indeed a very nice example of how your eyes and your brain can play tricks on each other.

  4. What the fucking shit?! This ain’t no animation? ^_° Awesome!

  5. Wow! that’s amazing!!

  6. Yes, this is a great picture, and indeed, the longer you look at it, the less you see the waves! (I have a strong feeling that my sentence isn’t well-formed. Who cares...)

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