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This blog is on hiatus. Thanks for checking.

Intermissum est spectaculum

“Interim iugulentur homines, ne nihil agatur.”

I should be honest with myself here. I don’t really care much anymore about this site. It’s too bad. I have some funny stories on here, and people still visit it, according to statistics I don’t even want to know how they are gathered. I don’t really feel like ranting about web standards or design anymore. Sure, this thing is still a soapbox. Still my pedestal. I got it years ago, and it’s still clearly recognisable as a pedestal, but I don’t feel any performance urge anymore.

Not that the artist has died, or that the audience left. Just that the podium doesn’t feel right for me anymore. I started this blog exactly to rant about things, mainly design and standards, and, well, it did get me places. And thanks to all of you who made that possible. I did get places, absolutely. How much use is a soapbox labelled “ranting” worth, however, when you don’t rant anymore? When all you do is tell people long-winded short stories? I guess that doesn’t matter. I feel less at home here than I used to.

For the sake of clause completeness, I will not say I’m killing this site or leaving it behind forever. I might return, but I shall not bear the green robe that has graced this web presence for so long now, or the orange and the grunge before it. When I return, I will return with different intentions and a different face. For further reading, I refer you to my other faces: my twice-a-week photoblog, my short-form blog and my Flickr photo stream.

Thank you. It has been a good reign, but it has to end sometime. For now, stay strong, grow stronger, remain excited, do your things and do them well.


He would have done things differently, perhaps. He pushed his spectacles back onto his nose and tightened the muscles in his back. On his left were three or four bananas, but he would eat none of those. A pain struck in his stomach, and he laid down on his bed, his head just missing the pillow. It would have to do. For most people, thinking things over solves everything. For him, only sleep and dreams offered solutions, and those were hardly sufficient.

He had called and messaged her only twice (each) in two days. Reasoning that once would imply a lack of interest, but thrice would be pushy, he settled for two messages and two phone calls. She did not answer and did not reply. A day later, she called from the beach, a head full of seaweed. She never mentioned the calls or the messages, she just asked him out for a film.

The film lasted ninety-three minutes and was interesting material. The cold beer afterwards had a bigger impact on both of them than they had expected. On the concrete street, she stumbled. “Hold me”, she said. He did not hold her.

New things

My favourite season is the cold season. The time of the year when it’s cold outside and the sun is harsh on its subjects. I like the current season in particular because I have two things to announce.

First of all, I am now web designer at a lovely company called Floorplanner, the perfect online combination of AutoCAD and The Sims. Together with el Capitan I give a sensible shape to things current and upcoming. It’s a pretty smashing job, I’d say, and I am lucky enough to get the chance to do it next to my education at the Royal Academy of Art. So, good news for me there!

Good news for you is the second feature of this fabulous post. I hereby officially declare rbmntjs open for business. “Business” here means “photoblog”. Photos! Really big photos! Updated more often than this here blog. I hope you’ll all take a peek and maybe check it out every now and then. I’m really happy with it.

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